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Choose Sealy and you'll have over a century of mattress manufacturing expertise and experience. Our journey began back in 1881 when producer Daniel Haynes made a cotton-filled mattress in the small town of Sealy. Sealy is born. By the year 1920, Sealy already has 23 licensed manufacturing facilities in different regions. In 1950, Sealy introduced its first "spring" and developed the first mattress with additional support for the back. Another milestone is the year 1967, in which Sealy is seen for the first time at Prime Time in the TV commercial.

This triumphal procession continues to this day, where we have developed the best combination of both sleep technologies with the introduction of the Sealy Hybrid, which is half foam, half spring. With the Sealy Hybrid, we offer you the exceptional comfort you love and the support you need - right where you need it.


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